December 2005
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Day 1. View of Toledo.

View from our hotel balcony, the Parador Toledo.

View from our hotel, the Parador Toledo.

Night view of Toledo and its cathedral.

One of the bridges crossing the rivew into Toledo.

An entrance into the walled city of Toledo.

Strolling about Toledo's narrow streets.

For all those from Ohio!

A narrow street and a local resident.

One of the narrow streets in Toledo.

One of many narrow streets in Toledo.

A crumbling building in Toledo.


A grand door.

A tourist spotted in Toledo!

A local resident keeps watch.

View of the Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes.

Toledo's Cathedral constructed 1226-1493.

Toledo's Cathedral.

Day 2. The view from our hotel room at breakfast time.

Morning view from our hotel.

View of Toledo.

A Sinagogue in Toledo.

Main entrance to the walled city of Toledo.


Day 2. Olive groves en route from Toledo to Cordoba.

View at night of Cordoba's famous Mezquita (Mosque)-Cathedral.

The Kirk family with the Mezquita in the background.

Part of the wall surrounding the Mezquita.

Part of the wall surrounding the Mezquita.

An entrance into Mezquita grounds.

A entrance into the Mezquita grounds.

An entrance to the Mezquita.

A disused entrance to the Mezquita directly opposite the entrance to our hotel.

Inside the Mezquita.

Inside the Mezquita.

Inside the Mezquita.

A labyrinth of red and white striped arches inside the Mezquita.

Inside the Mezquita.

Inside the Mezquita.

Orange trees in the Mezquita gardens.

Part of the Mezquita.

A narrow street in Cordoba.

A quiet street.

Nuns at work in a quiet street.

Colourful stores catering to tourists.

Night view of the golden door to the Mezquita, directly opposite the entrance to our hotel.

A bull appears roadside en route from Cordoba to Seville. These roadside bulls are all over Spain.

A close view of the roadside Spanish bull.


Welcome to Parque Maria Luisa.

Parque Maria Luisa.

Plaza de Espana - a landmark square in Seville.

Plaza de Espana.

Plaza de Espana and its alcoves depicting in tile murals Spain's 50 provinces.

Plaza de Espana.

An entrance to the Cathedral's grounds.

A close-up of the entrance to the Cathedral grounds.

Roof top pool at our hotel.

Night view of Seville's Cathedral, the third-largest church in Europe and its annual Christmas market.

Night view of Spanish musicians and Giralda Tower.

Night view of Giralda Tower and some of Seville's many orange trees.

The Giralda Tower by day.

View of the Cathedral.

View of the Cathedral.

Inside the Cathedral.

Christmas market outside the Cathedral.

A narrow street in the Barrio De Santa Cruz (the old city).

Building facades.

Part of the wall surrounding the Alcazar- a 14th century Palace and the oldest royal residence in Europe still in use.

Inside part of the Alcazar.

Listening to the audio-guided tour of the Alcazar.

The audio-guided tour of the Alcazar.

Inside the Alcazar.


Teatro Romano, built 18 BC. The tall stage wall was adorned with statues and colonades.

Teatro Romano, 18BC, built for theatre.

Anfiteatro Romano - 1st century BC Roman Amphitheater.

Anfiteatro Romano - once able to seat 15,000 spectators for chariot races and gladiator combats.

Cured meats for sale.

Roman excavations.

Temple of Diana.


Roman bridge restored in 686.

Roman wall surrounding the Alcazaba site.

Excavations of the Alcazaba.

A roadside Spanish bull en route from Merida to Madrid.


The train hotel.

Private? shower.

The train hotel and our beds for the night.

The corridor in our train.