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Joseph P. Kirk Jr.    Janelle May Bryant

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    This is our web-page.  For now all that's here is our contact information, a few photo albums and a movie.

    Janelle and I live in Paris, France.   I'm from the States and Janelle is from Brisbane, Australia which makes us both fish out of water.

    We are taking advantage of being in Europe to travel a bit and see places that interest us. 

We have some photos of trips in albums linked here:

        Barcelona - Provence                           Normandy - Fly-fishing  
        Beijing                                                  Reims, Champagne Region
        Bretagne                                               Spain
        Dordogne River Valley                          Sweden 
        London                                                 Traverse de Paris
             February 2005                                       2004
             August 2005 (Lords Cricket)                 2005        
Some small albums of some of the places I've visited for work are here:

        Mumbai, India
        Moscow, Russia
        Kiev, Ukraine
        Bangkok, Thailand
        So Paulo, Brazil

    Playing hooky from work and discovering Movie Maker was installed on the PC led to this:

    What Do You Do?

    Our address in Paris is:

            27 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
            75001 Paris

    Our home phone number is 33 (0)1 40 39 04 54.

    My mobile number is 33 (0)6 74 59 77 38.

    My office number is 33 (0)1 55 71 32 05.

    Our e-mail addresses are (replace (at) with @):      

            jpk25(at) or  joseph.kirk(at)


    If you would rather use a U.S. mailing address, my employer, sanofi-aventis, 
    will forward mail and reasonably sized packages addressed to:

            Joseph Kirk-FR-07L
            300 Somerset Corporate Boulevard
            P.O. Box  6879
            Bridgewater, New Jersey  08807